Scorecard Widget Showing N/A in Download

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We have a scorecard widget report that we show on a dashboard. In this widget, we have several fields which show on the report just fine but they show as N/A if thy are downloaded into a csv.

These fields are all from joined/lookup objects. Is this expected? Can we have it not do this? Do we need to rebuild this report as a regular report rather than a scorecard widget (would that help)? Other thoughts?


Thank you

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Hi @trevor_shand 

I recently attempted to generate a Mass Edit report from the scorecard widgets within one of our demonstration org . Upon exporting the data in CSV format, I observed that all entries were retained without any instances of 'NA' .

It would be great if you can help me with supporting screenshot to trouble shoot this further.

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It seems to have fixed itself with no aid from anything we did. :)


Thank you.