CSQLs: split create new lead from detail view form to prevent leads from being edited after syncing with SFDC

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Still stuck on the CSQL “feature”.

Currently, the table view serves as a form of in-line edit report. Great. And we can disable fields from being displayed or edited there. We can also NOT display the External ID of the lead (which makes 0 sense despite what Support states). 

The detail view serves as BOTH a:

  • New lead registration form
  • Existing lead edit form
Gainsight CSQL detail view.

That’s a problem, because in a number of instances we do NOT want created leads to be edited from within Gainsight. Especially where it’s impossible to use the connector job due to the overall limitations of the CSQL feature (and the built-in filter on “Lead Source = Gainsight”, and leads aren’t on real-time sync. 

Because whatever is editable to create a lead is editable in detail view when you click on the lead in the table view. 

These need to be split : we need to be able to disable edits in detail view, without impacting the actual lead creation. A lead should not be editable forever in Gainsight, and this is basically allowing it to be editable forever which it shouldn’t be. When it leaves Gainsight, it shouldn’t be editable anymore (at least not on the UI). 

Saying I’m unhappy with this feature is an understatement. There’s so much work required to make it functional.



This is absolutely needed.

 leads aren’t on real-time sync

100% this is the reason that we lock them down, they can only be Created in Gainsight, but has to be edited in Salesforce.