GS Ingestion Source Name

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I have a scenario where I am seeing duplicate contacts in Company Person/Person objects in Gainsight. I was trying to see which source are those duplicate contacts tied to, since we are getting some contact data from PX side as well, along with the regular flow from Salesforce. Currently there is a ‘GS Ingestion Source’ field that exists but it only holds id values and not the actual name of the source. This, would be really helpful to streamline data and maintain data hygiene in Gainsight.

I have a similar use case, trying to figure out all ingestion sources for Company records. I can track down a couple of Rules and the SFDC connector but will be very useful to know which Rule Id, Rule Name or Job Id, job Name is generating which Company record and when, to be able to analyse and troubleshoot legacy set up.

I agree! Contact clean up has been revived as a priority after after seeing the 2024 Pulse preso on this topic. Any idea when this will be available? If submitted to support, can then provide the Ingestion Source Name using the code available in reporting?