Custom Metric Calculation and Dashboard

  • 26 January 2024
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Hi folks! We have a requirement to build user tracking across pages where we want to capture different properties from the page and calculate a metric like “average time taken to complete a job on the platform”. Is it possible to do this in Gainsight and build a dashboard for the same to report on?


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3 replies

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Hello @kirankunnur 

Have you tried creating funnels?

Funnels do calculate time spent on pages and time taken to go from one step to another.


Hi @Surendra thanks for the response! We want to calculate custom metrics using different data points tracked for user action’s  time when they go from point A to point B. And also capture whatever time the user spends in between A and B. Can you please provide inputs on how we can best achieve this?

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@kirankunnur  To track time spent between point A and point B can be done using funnels. You would need to add point A and point B to product mapper, and have them as steps in a funnel, as suggested in the support doc here :

Once you have the steps added, funnels would automatically give you the time spent between steps.

You can also capture information like time spent on page, you can also utilize our java script functions in this article :

Hope this helps.