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  • 28 December 2023
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I have an issue which seems quite easy and straightforward to implement, but with no solution! I have created a PX engagement (dialog) which includes a link, and I want to show it again only to the users who have not clicked on the link! But there is no way to set a rule that defines CTA < 1.


What should I do?


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2 replies

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How do you specify any rule that defines CTA?  When I look at the audience rules available for In App Engagement, the only options that I see are:

  • Name IN (specify engagement name)
  • Event IS Viewed/Completed
  • Last (multiple options to select based on # of days or calendar dates)
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Hello @Amin_edge 
From my understanding there is no direct way to interact with customers based on CTA clicks.
But we can try utilizing these workarounds.

  1. If the CTA URL is with in the product, you can add a UTM parameter into the CTA button link, and then create a feature by adding same URL with UTM parameter into product mapper. While coming back to audience logic you can add feature match less than 1. (if the user clicks on the button that opens the page which is considered as feature match in product mapper)
  2. If the CTA URL is outside the product, you can add custom event into the engagement, and then create a feature by adding custom event into product mapper, and then rest is same as above. 

Hope this helps.