Requesting Gainsight Training Environment Credentials

  • 14 June 2023
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Hello Gainsight Community,

I'm seeking access to the Gainsight Training Environment and kindly ask for the necessary credentials. This will allow me to gain practical experience and deepen my understanding of the Gainsight platform.

I have a Gainsight Community account under the username GainsightGS. I already filled Google form for the same on 12th June’23 but credentials not yet received. I appreciate any assistance in obtaining the Training Environment access.

Thank you,


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3 replies


Hi Gitanjalee @GainsightGS ,

Thanks for reaching out. I have emailed your Gainsight training environment credentials just a few minutes back. You will have received an email from me with subject line: ‘Gainsight Training Environment’. Here’s my email address if you need any further assistance:

Hi Manoj @Manoj,

Thank you for your prompt response and for providing the Gainsight training environment credentials. I greatly appreciate your assistance.


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Thanks Gitanjalee for requesting this in the open, on the right forum, which led @Manoj to create a process for all. :) 

Request access to a Training environment

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