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Dear Community,

We are glad to be in the team that is empowered to build an inSided community, together with all of you. Hereby we would like to introduce ourselves, and hope to read more about you too!

I am Denise and I'm part of the inSided family since 2010. Right now I am in the Marketing department, but before I was a Consultant for five years and got to work many great customers and their communities like NS, T-Mobile and Eneco. For me this community is a great opportunity to stay in touch with all of you. Within inSided I will be responsible for making this community succesful and making sure we're all aligned and involved in this community.

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Now we are one Community… let’s 👋 


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Hi I am Alia, one of the Product Owners at inSided. I am part of the product team, working closely with our community consultants and development team. I have been with inSided almost 2 years already. Looking forward to meet everyone!
Hi everyone! I'm Kenneth and am responsible for Digital Care at Sonos (I'm also ex-KPN and TomTom). Really awesome to see this community take shape!
Hi there, very happy to introduce myself!

I am the CTO of inSided. Together with Robin van Lieshout I started inSided about six years ago because we know that a community is essential for a brand's endurance, relevance and engagement with their customers. Obviously I am extremely happy that we have this community to share our thoughts, best practices and other news together. Looking forward to a vibrant community and engagement with all of you!
Hey guys! I'm Pierre, Digital Care Team Lead at Sonos. Thanks for last Innovation Lab, things seems to be in a really good shape and amazing to finally be able to discuss here with other 'Community folks'!
Hi all!

I'm Wieger, part of the Product Team at inSided as a Solutions Consultant since the start of 2015. In this role I have already had the pleasure to work together with a lot of you guys on your communities, something I really love about this job! I am also heavily involved in conversations with new clients and exploring concepts for inSided, always trying to think of the best suitable solutions for the desired business goals. I try to take in as much information I can from all parties and funnel that all back into our team in order to keep innovating and improving our platform. As you can imagine we are really happy to see this inSpired community take off!

In my personal life I love to play all different sports, go to the beach and play with my 17 months old daughter Kate. Originally I am from Tilburg in the South of the Netherlands and lived there for 18 years. To do my studies I moved a little North and lived in Delft for 8 years, then I moved again a liiiittle more North to work and live in Amsterdam for 7 years. Currently I moved again a tiny liiitle more North and bought a house in Overveen next to Haarlem and the beach! 🆒 This is the most North I plan and dare to go for now, so I will probably stay put for a while (so you know where to find me :$)

I am also happy to respond to topics, questions or even private messages regarding almost everything, so don't hesitate to reach out!
Welcome to all, also coming from the inSided product team! I'm so glad we can get started here, together. To keep up to date with everything your communities are facing, to involve you even better in what we're up to at inSided and to learn from each other.

You might have gotten to know me as your Product Implementation Manager, some years back. Since, I have been involved as Product Analyst, responsible for the Platform Update newsletter, among other things. With a history of 10+ years in running my own communities, developing social platforms and managing social media, I found inSided to be the perfect match for me to advance on community technology and strategy.

Furthermore, I'm part of the Customer Support team, which you will all know from the Support Desk. As team lead, I'm continuously working together and searching for the best ways of providing great support - both in times of need as well as with hands-on tips and advice to get the most out of the inSided community platform. This new community will be a new way for us to continue down this path, so thank you all for joining!
Hi inSpired members!

I am Daniel, community consultant at inSided. I have had the chance of meeting many of you during our implementation workshops, strategy meetings and random visit that I make to clients ;)

I am originally from Colombia, but came already 9 years ago to Amsterdam for love and study and have been over a year working at inSided. I am a true believer in the power of communities to bring people together and to deliver a valuable business case to companies of all kinds.

Let's discuss further and get inSpired together!
Howdy y'all!

I'm Alexis. I am part of the product team as a Product Owner. I've started working for inSided in September.

As a PO, I work closely with our developers, consultants, and of course, our customers. This community will help us to learn more about how you use our product and I am very interested to get know your wants and needs. At the same time, I will share my insights as well and try to keep you updated on our product roadmap.

Besides spending too much time online, I'd like to stay active (football, tennis, gym), go to concerts and watch movies. Plenty of options for those things in Amsterdam.

It's great to meet you all here, and I am looking forward to see how this community will take shape.
Time for me to jump in! 🙂 I'm Robin, Chief Entertainment Officer at inSided. Started with Wouter six years ago, but have been running communities for ages. I'm online since 1995, build my first site when you still needed to upload HTML files for every new post. Grew a community around consumer electronics to 0 to 5 million unique visitors a month and learned the community game.

Now helping the coolest brands in the world to empower their customers. Seen many of you luckily face to face! :)

Oh yeah -- living in Amsterdam, with my girlfriend & 2 year old son. And we're expecting a new boy in a couple of weeks :8
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Hey all,

I'm Yoeri, designing for inSided since 2012. Back in the day working on all design related tasks a startup could think of. Nowadays part of the product team working on the interaction, user experience and innovation of our software.

Besides designing I like sports, wandering around festivals or attending football matches in the stadium.

Looking forward to the content over here and shaping the future of our software with you all.
Hi all! I'm Jolien, community manager of Tele2 Netherlands. I'm looking forward to learning from you guys on this platform. I'm a community manager for some years now and working at Tele2 since February 2016.

Lived in Utrecht and Rotterdam, studied in The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Now settled in Gouda with my boyfriend and 1- year old son.

Talk to you soon!
Hi all, good to see this great initiative! I'm Lourens and have been working with customer communities as a part of an online engagement strategy since 2011. In the past with our former Brand Hi and now with KPN. Currently i'm the team lead of the fantastic KPN team in Amsterdam. We just migrated our KPN consumer and Business community to Insided. I hope to see you all at the upcoming event in December!
Hi everyone, great to see the Insided community is up and running, looking forward to the superuser program ;-)

I'm Thomas, born in Tjuchem 30 years ago, currently residing in Hoogezand. Working for KPN in the community team together with Lourens and travel a lot between our Groningen, Amsterdam and the Hague offices. We migrated to Insided very recently and I have been very much enjoying their input and company so far! Looking forward to the contributions here and meeting you all at Inspired!
Great to see many introductions in this topic already, welcome everyone! 🙂
Hi All,

Like Denise already mentioned great to see all your introductions, welcome to the inSpired community! I don't think I need much of an introduction as I am the guy to go to if you have any questions about the product, for change requests and reporting bugs, although we all know bugs are very rare 😉.

As the Product Specialist I am in contact with all of you on a regular basis through our Support channel, in addition I act as the Product Owner for all reported bugs & change requests, prioritizing all tasks that need to be performed by our development teams and guarding the scope. Internally I am acting as the voice of all of you and share the insights provided by the customers throughout inSided and make sure that you all of you get the most awesome support experience.

Currently I am part of the inSided family for two years and I am confident many years will be added 🙂. Love to be in daily contact with customers and our development teams and make sure that for every request or problem the best possible advice or solution is implemented.

Basic info about me:

Grew up in Alkmaar, went to Delft for my studies and I am now living in Amsterdam for 5 years already. Big fan of sports, especially football and regularly enjoying good times with friends.

Once again, great to see you all active on the community and if you have any questions or requests related to your community you know how to reach me, either through this community or through our support channel.
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Hey! I'm Joris, as VP Product owning the vision of the product and the roadmap, together with great colleagues from the Product management, Support and Solution consultant teams. I started about six years ago at inSided as a community consultant, but found out along the way that I love to work on the intersection between business, technology and UX as a Product manager. Before I joined inSided I build my own community around TV shows.

I really enjoy to talk and read about community management, social psychology and social business. And also like to keep up with the latest technologies, I do some coding projects in the weekend 🙂 So I hope to join the conversation about subjects like that on the inSpired community!
Hello Everyone, I'm Hassan and I work on the Beta Technical Operations team as a lead on the Sonos Beta Community site. I and my team work on all the various test for software and hardware releases within Sonos. I'm excited to be here with so many other Community users.
Hi everyone!

It's great to see see so many introductions! I'm Marine and I'm part of the consultancy team at inSided. I'm originally from France but grew up in Asia, I moved to Holland to complete a Master's degree and joined inSided right after. I started over a year ago and I'm still loving it!

One of my favourite things about communities is working on understanding the motivations of users and their levels of engagement. Social identity theory, hooks model, social motivations .... you name it and I'm in to discuss it! :D

I look forward to building this community together with all of you!
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Hi folks!

I'm Ditte, I'm originally from Denmark, but haven't lived there since 2007. After two short stints in Swizerland and Ireland, we moved to the Netherlands in 2009.

I started working at TomTom in 2010, and in 2011 I was hired by Kenneth (now at Sonos) to run the EN community. I've lead the TomTom Community team since 2013, and as we've grown a bit since then, I now have a multilingual team with members in both India and Poland. From a community perspective, we're mainly focusing on customer support and internal reporting based on customer feedback.

In my spare time I enjoy gaming. I've been a casual/dedicated WoW gamer for over a decade and absolutely love the social aspect of gaming communities. (We're not all a bunch of antisocial nerds 😉 ) If I'm not playing WoW, there's a rich chance it'll be another blizzard game, like Diablo3 or Hearthstone that has my attention. If I absolutely have to be real life social, I enjoy a good (dark) beer, and some good company to go with it. 😃

Hope to meet you guys soon! :)


Hi everybody, I'm repping Knab!

We're quite new to the community world, hopefully we'll pick up some inspiration here and learn about best practices 🙂
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Hi all, great to read your introductions and looking forward to all the conversations on this community! My name is Haiko and I have been @ inSided since the very beginning, already almost 7 years ago.

My background lies in service & marketing. I have been manager customer service at Post NL (the Dutch mail and parcel corporation) and a marketing consultant. About 7 years ago I was interested in the potential of communities and came into contact with Robin. During our first conversation I immediately believed in the power of communities and potential they can have for corporates. I believe that marketing is all about building the bridge between customers and the company and that is exactly what a community does. After a couple of brainstorms with Robin and Wouter I decided to join the exciting inSided journey.

I have done many different things, from creating the proposition to sales, project management, consultancy and account management. Now I am responsible for the Professional Services team, which is responsible for onboarding new customers & helping you to achieve community success. The Professional Services team consists of the Implementation, Customer Success / Consultancy and Project management teams.

Some personal background: I am originally from Heerlen, in the southern part of the Netherlands and now live with my wife and son of 5 in the centre of Amsterdam. Next to work I love kite surfing, skiing and enjoy living in Amsterdam with drinks, dinners, events etc.

Looking forward to meet you all and share insights and challenges on creating community succes! Both on the community as F2F.

Hi everyone!

What a great way to stay up to date and keep in touch! My name is Stefan and I'm communitymanager at Eneco. I joined Eneco about three years ago and I'm working with the community since than.

Looking forward to see all of your tips and best practices - and I will share mine offcourse. 🙂
Hi everyone,

It's great to be part of this community, looking forward to a lot of inspiring conversations in the future!

My name is Bart and I'm a Digital Content Producer at Social Inc. Before I started working here last March I was the Digital Marketing Coordinator at Fox International Channels Benelux, responsible for all digital content for the TV-channels FOX and National Geographic Channel.

At Social Inc. I'm spending most of my time creating awesome content for brands like Ziggo and ABN AMRO.

Also relevant to mention: from age 16 to 20 I was moderator of the Dutch Bon Jovi community, so all that experience will come in handy spending my time here.

Were you at the InSided event at LevelEleven? Check out my topics, for I have already created some interesting conversation starters and would love to hear your thought.
Hi all!

Looking forward meeting you all in this community. So let's talk today!

My name is Diana and I am a Creative Copywriter and Brand Journalist at Social Inc. As a former international storytelling journalist working in both radio and TV I know how tell a brand's story. At Social Inc I mostly blog and write for social channels of cool brands like Telfort, Eneco, Freo and ABN AMRO.

How you recognize me? I'm the curious girl in the front typing away. As in: I will be blogging about your topics. And I'm very curious - nosy at worst- about all the knowledge that you'll be sharing today!
Hi everybody!

I'm Hidde and I am a creative strategist at Social Inc. Ik work for some amazing brands and help them creating stories which build their brands.

Today I'll be hosting a session together with Martine from inSided where we will talk about storytelling and brand publishing. Should be great, so be sure to tune in.

If not, no worries. You can reach out to me anytime!