Filter operators on the User overview

As we’re bringing more filtering capabilities to the User overview, so does the need to be more specific in filtering your users. That’s why over the last few weeks, we’ve released some small improvements to the way that filters work on the User overview. Read on to learn all about them.More advanced filtering capabilitiesFor all types of filters (lists, text, date and numbers), we’ve added so-called filter operators. This means that instead of only finding users where a certain condition is true (eg. where Custom Role equals x or y), we’re enabling you to find users in more specific ways (eg. where something is not true, where a field is empty, etc.). Below you’ll find the operators we’ve added:Text filters (eg. Email, First name, Company, etc.) Contains Does not contain Equals Does not equal Starts with Ends with Is empty Is not empty List filters (eg. Custom role, Ranks, Badges, Department, etc.) Is one of Is not one of Is empty Is not empty Number filters (eg. Topics, Replies, etc.) Equals Does not equal Less than More than Between Date filters (eg. Registration date, Last activity, Birthday, etc.) Less than More than Before After On Between Use casesThese filters allow you to drill down on your user base and to find groups of interest. Some examples: Users that are not part of a group yet (Groups ‘is empty’) Users that are not staff (Email ‘does not contain Users that haven’t filled in their basic profile information (First name ‘is empty’ and Last name ‘is empty’) More importantly, these filters will allow you to build better Segments, which is a new feature that’s in open beta now. This feature will allow you to save these filters as a segment which auto-updates automatically, will show segments as a percentage of your user base and allows you to take action on your users through our upcoming bulk actions.You can opt-in for the open beta for the new Segments feature yourself by visiting the Settings > Experimental Features page in Control.

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A brand new pending overview 🌟

Keeping your communities safe and all posted content relevant and appropriate is extremely important for us. That’s why our platform has different capabilities to check the content before being published, in the form of the spam detection, a content duplication check, option for users to flag and report posts, and automatic content checkers like the keyword blockers. Each of these mechanisms have an associated state assigned to the content piece: spam, flagged, trashed, and pending. Today I’m happy to announce that we have released a new pending overview that not only looks better than the old one, but it has been completely rebuilt to offer your moderating teams more reliability and full cover of all types of content created by community members.  New UI & UX for the pending overview Selection of multiple topics shows available bulk actionsJust like on the old page, you are able to select multiples items from the overview and apply the bulk action you need - you can either trash the topics so they do not show up on the global moderation overview, you can mark them as spam if you think they should have been caught by the spam detection (this always help improve the algorithm), or you can approve them in one click if you think they should become visible for the community users.  Approval flow on the topic moderation pageApprove button available on each post in a threadMaybe before you make them visible, you would like to closely review the entire content and perhaps edit out the more sensitive part of the post. For this, you can easily navigate to the topic moderation page and once the edits are done, you can approve the post right from that page.  Ideas and replies on ideas and product updates are now supported with the pending stateWhen registered users submit an idea or reply on a product update, now this content will be checked against the pre-moderation rules just like the rest of the content types & their replies. This has been a functionality gap that required full refactoring of the way we handle pending content, the way it is being displayed on the pending overview and how it is being approved.  We hope you enjoy this upgrade and if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to share it with me either in the comments or via email! ( 📨:

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inSpired ideation review Q2 2022

While Q3 is already underway and the summer holiday season is close to an end, we’d like to look together at the great things we’ve released in Q2! 🙌This review aims to highlight what has changed on the inSided platform in the last quarter based on the ideas that you have submitted, voted for, and which you contributed to with use cases and needs. Quick stats for inSpired ideas in Q2 2022 6 ideas delivered  79 new ideas created   28 votes delivered  527 votes added A quick reminder of how we, the product team at inSided, work with the ideas posted on the inSpired ideation board. Every 2 weeks we review the newly added ideas and moderate them, meaning we’re changing the status to either open, if the idea is aligned with our vision, or closed, if it is something we don’t see a good fit, we merge duplicate ideas, and reply in the idea threads with questions for additional details, insights and use cases. Every 12 weeks we review our rolling roadmap and adjust it as needed, where the inSpired ideas and additional customer feedback plays a very important role in prioritising roadmap items, and according to our product strategy for the upcoming 12 months. Would you like your community to also make use of customer ideation & feedback but are unsure where to start or how to get your product team involved? I’d be more than happy to connect with you and see how we could help!  As always, we’re deeply grateful to all of you for the valuable insights and taking the time to talk & share feedback with our team! 🙏 Ideas we delivered The following 6 ideas you submitted on inSpired have been delivered, with a total of 28 votes delivered in Q2 2022.  If you’re thinking 6 ideas are not as many as you would have liked or hoped for, we feel you and agree completely! As much as we would love to close lots and lots of votes every quarter, realistically this is not always possible. This Q2 was filled with technical debt payments, preparations for the exciting things announced in our latest roadmap update [do check it out 😉], and much needed alignment & planning for connecting the inSided product with Gainsight’s CS product. 

Roadmap update 25

Hi everyone!As a beautiful (but quite hot) summer comes to a close, I am excited to share this Roadmap Update with you as we head into fall!As we’ve mentioned before, we remain committed to building great tools that enable you to maintain the best-in-class Customer Hub and community experience for your users. We remain focused on our product development goals: Enabling you to transform your community into a unified Customer Hub, to act as single centralized destination for all customer content and engagement Allowing you to optimize the Customer Hub experience through customization of pages and landing pages and personalisation of the user experience by role, or e.g. customer segments that you have defined in your Customer Success CRM Building tools to stimulate engagement by users within your community Introducing features to help you automate community-work, improving user management, moderation and reporting to simplify community administration (and spend less time!) Continuing to improve of the core of our platform and our technology-stack to provide even better reliability, scalability and faster development of new features in the future Continue reading for a more detailed look at all features and improvements that are coming up and for a recap of the recent releases. Coming up Customisation Dynamic content widgetComing soon: the dynamic content widget! This will help you dynamically display content as cards or a list on your community pages, and keep your pages more up-to-date (and active) with less manual action. For instance, you can choose to display the 5 most recent Product Updates in a list, alongside a list with the 5 most recent Ideas. You can read more about it in this research article. Custom pagesThis fall, we’ll enable you to build custom pages on your Customer Hub! For instance, this will allow you to create dedicated landing pages for specific personas, products, or events. These pages can be built using all of the available widgets you’ve come to know, including the new Dynamic Content widget. You can read all about it in this research article. Custom dropdown menusYou will be able to customize your community’s main menu-bar by adding additional items to a dropdown menu. This will enable you to: Add custom pages anywhere in your navigation, making sure they fit the flow you want your community to have Organize links to external resources from anywhere in your navigation, they don’t have to be on the community platform in order to be linked. Use with caution, as we still want to keep it a seamless digital experience :)  Automation Add more filter operatorsTo better find groups of interest among your user base, we have recently released our new filters. The new filters allow you to filter on custom user profile fields. We’re also updating how the filters work by adding filter operators to the current filters (eg. contains, does not contain, is empty, etc.). This will allow you, for instance, to identify all users where the email address “does not contain” to filter out employees, or where groups “is empty” to identify users that aren’t part of a group yet. Create and save user segmentsWe will enable you to save segments of users that match certain filter criteria. This will help track your most important user segments (i.e. churned, new users, champions, etc.), as well as keep an eye on groups of interest (eg. users without a badge, users without a group, users with job title x, etc.).Segments will be able to be used as audiences for several existing and future mechanisms: email campaigns, showing or hiding widgets on pages for particular segments, etc. Apply bulk-actions to usersApplying actions to users currently has to be done one by one, and it’s a hassle—we hear you! To make this more efficient, we’ll now offer some basic bulk-actions on the User overview.If you’ve selected one or more users, you’ll be able to perform a bulk-action. Initially, the available bulk-action(s) will be to assign a role, after which we’ll allow awarding a badge and sending a private message. Engagement tools Automated email campaignsAutomated email campaigns offer the ability to automatically onboard, (re)engage or reach out to particular groups of interest (eg. promote an event for all users or specific users). It will be possible to set up sending rules based on the last activity, registration date, role, and group membership.Later, we’ll add the option to automatically address people once they enter a specific segment.If you want to be enrolled in the closed beta for this feature, make sure you sign up for the waitlist in this Product Update. Use segments in email campaignsLater this year, segments created from the user overview will be selectable as an audience for (automated) email campaigns. This will allow for more specific targeting based on all filters (also custom user profile fields) as well as being able to automate actions based on your segments. It will also enable you to create specific onboarding or reactivation flows for different personas in your community. Ideation improvements Disable voting for ideation statusesWe will allow community managers to enable or disable voting by ideation status. It will be possible to disable voting for “Closed” or “Duplicate” statuses. The aim is to prevent frustration of users voting for ideas that are not under consideration. Select multiple product areas in an ‘Idea creation form’Users will be able to select multiple product areas when creating an idea. It will make the categorization of ideas more precise and improve searchability.   Integrations Integrations with Gainsight applicationsWe remain committed to offering the best and the most flexible integration between inSided and all other Gainsight products. Planned improvements are currently: Making integrations very easy and user friendly to set up, nor more hacking or development involvement Enriching shared data points to unleash best-in-class customer reporting, including all the community data available in Gainsight applications, or the other way around Enabling to expose community content directly in your app … and many other awesome features. Improved Thought Industries content filteringWe recently launched integration of our product with the Thought Industries application. Soon, you will be able to filter the content being pulled into the community. It will be possible to write queries filtering the search results: Filter “Published” content by default Use custom fields to filter content  Analytics Success dashboard improvementsWe will introduce more detailed metrics about the authors of the best answers and insight from peer to peer support. The improvements cover: Focus the scope of the dashboard only on Q&A and change the name Split all the metrics to enable filtering them based on the user role of the author of the question as well as the author of the answer Move single user topic metrics to Content Dashboard  Average response time only for Q&A  Content dashboard changesWe will add metrics from the current Success Dashboard:  Single user topic metrics from Success Dashboard to Content Dashboard and enable filtering by all content related filters Average response time related to all content types and enable filtering by all content related filters  Product feedback table ImprovementsWe will provide more detailed view of the ideas submitted and voted in community: Customizable table view Company filer applied to votes, likes, and views Company filter applied to the author of the idea Date creation, current status, and more  Released recently  What do you think? We are really interested in your feedback. Let us know in the comments! Please expect the next Roadmap Update in November.

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Coming soon: Email Campaigns

This feature is now in opt-in open beta! You can opt-in from the Experimental features page in Control.Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work on our new Email Campaigns feature 🎉 Today, we’re excited to open up our beta program to those who’d like to give Email Campaigns a spin! By joining the waiting list, you can sign up for early access to this feature.Email CampaignsThis new Email Campaigns feature allows you to craft compelling emails that you can use for a variety of use cases. For example: Send out a monthly community digest or newsletter to all your users (or a specific segment of users) Create an onboarding flow that sends out emails 7, 14 or 30 days after registration Create re-engagement campaigns to all users that haven’t been active for more than 30 days Encourage users to join a group if they haven’t joined a group in the first 30 days Features: Create emails easily (using our wysiwyg editor you’re used to) Customize the branding of your email campaigns Select recipients based on user properties (eg. role, registration date, last activity, groups) Send a one-off email or make it an automated email (eg. for onboarding or reactivation emails) View email metrics (eg. sent, delivered, opened, clicks, etc.) Why Email Campaigns?We want to offer our customers all the tools to make sure you can build a successful and vibrant community. One part of that is making sure the community experience itself is as engaging as can be (sneak peek: Notification Center coming up), but the other part is making sure that you can keep community members up to date on all the latest and greatest and invite them back to your thriving community. That’s where our new Email Campaigns feature comes into play.Rollout plan Phase 1: Closed beta (gradual)In the first phase, we’ll gradually roll out the feature to customers that have signed up for the waiting list.  Phase 2: Open betaIn the following months, we’ll allow all customers to opt-in for the Email Campaigns feature. You can sign up for the waiting list here. Let us know!What would you like to use the Email Campaigns feature for? What use cases are you most looking forward to addressing? Let us know and inspire others!

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Filter on Custom User Profile Fields

While doing discovery on the recently released filters on the User overview, we heard from you that the true insights into your user base lie in the custom User Profile Fields. That’s why we’re happy to announce that starting today, you can filter all your users on the custom User Profile Fields you’ve set up!Filtering optionsYou will now see all of your custom User Profile Fields in the Filter dropdown on the User overview. Depending on the type of filter you’ve set up (text, list or date), the you’ll be able to find users that match a string of text, a list of items or before or after specific dates.Showing columns in the user tableApart from filtering, we’re now enabling you to toggle which custom User Profile Fields you’d like to see in the table. To do so, you can click on Columns and select the ones you’d like to add to the overview. Quick recap: custom User Profile FieldsCustom User Profile Fields are the fields you’ve set up to be either filled in on the registration page, or when users edit their profile. Common use cases for this are:First name Last name Company Department Job title Country Etc.You can read all about setting up those fields in our knowledge base article.What’s next?Being able to find interesting segments of users is one thing, but we want to take it further in the next improvements, which we’ll launch over the next few months: More filter operators Right now, you can only filter users where the conditions are true (for instance, when username contains x, or when role is y). In the upcoming release, we’ll offer more operators to also allow you to find users where a field doesn’t contain your string or selection, or filter out users where a certain profile field is (not) empty. Create and save user segments Being able to filter is one thing, being able to save those filters as a segment is another. This will allow you to quickly open the same filters again, but also to track how many users are in one segment or the other (for instance, see the percentage of New users vs. Champions). Apply bulk actions to users After finding a specific segment of users, you’re likely to want to take an action on them (i.e. assign a role, add to a group, award a badge, etc.). Our new bulk actions will allow you to do just that, and make managing users less time consuming. We’d love to hear from you!Let us know what you think of this improvements, and what other improvements would help you manage your users better.

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Unify all external content with our Federated Search API

At inSided, we believe that unifying all customer success content in one place empowers your customers to be successful and increases self-service rates. To do so, we’ve already built some native integrations to bring content from Zendesk, Freshdesk, Skilljar, Thought Industries and more. On top of that, we’re now opening up our Federated Search API to allow you to bring any external content to your customer hub.What’s new?Using our federated search API you can now push any external content into our search engine and unify the search experience by showing the most relevant results, no matter where it comes from. With the Federated Search API, you can: Push any external content to the inSided search engine Categorize and differentiate external content by source (e.g. Academy, Docs, Help center, Blog) Display external content in the live-search dropdown and search result page Directly navigate to external content from the inSided platform Filter search result pages between community results and external results Note: Federated search via API is a paid add on. Please contact your CSM to start using it.How do I set it up?Learn more about setting up federated search through the API in our Knowledge Base article. This page also links to our API docs, where you’ll learn how to include the title, content, url and source. 💡 Customer spotlightUnqork, one of our customers who was in the beta for this feature, has set up the Federated Search API so that they pull in courses from their academy, and help articles from their external knowledge base. Want to see it in action? Head over to! 

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Show private categories in the Embeddable Widget

Using our Embeddable Widget feature, you are able to share community content and knowledge base articles right within your product. This helps improve discoverability and allows customers to find relevant content without having to visit the community directly. Want to know more about it, or have it activated for your community? Check out this page, or reach out to your customer success manager.ChallengeUntil now, the Embeddable Widget only showed content that was publicly available on your community. However, for some communities, certain categories were only visible for specific logged in users (for instance, when you only want to show product documentation to people with a certain role). Due to this, it wasn’t possible to show hidden product documentation in the Embeddable Widget up until now. This is especially true for communities using the hybrid visibility model, with certain parts closed off only for registered users or users with a certain role. This was also highlighted in this idea:What’s new?Starting today, we’ve made it possible for you to select which categories you’d like to show in the Embeddable Widget, regardless of whether or not that content is in a private category. Because your users are already logged into the product and the Embeddable Widget only shows there, this ensures only your customers or users are able see the private or proprietary documentation.Getting startedYou can select which categories to show in the Embeddable Widget under Integrations > Embeddable Widget > Setup. You’ll find the option to manually select categories to show in the Widget Visibility section. You can read more in our Knowledge Base article on this topic.Please note that you do not select categories or groups that you do not want to appear in the product, as selecting these options will show the content regardless of the user’s role in your community. Any categories not selected will not be displayed or searchable within the Embeddable Widget.Frequently asked questionsIf a customer opens the link to a non-public article from the Embeddable Widget, will it open in a new tab on the community anyway?Yes, but the user needs to be either logged in on the community to see it, or have the (custom) role that the content is made visible for. 

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More filters and columns on the User overview

Starting today, we’re rolling out a lot more filters on the User overview, which will allow you to slice-and-dice your user base and hone in on the users that are most interesting to you. If you click on Filters on the User overview, you will be able to filter on: Primary role Custom role Last activity Last login Registration date Ranks Badges Points Topics Replies Groups Also, we’re allowing you to show and hide the columns for these properties on the user overview, so you can decide which properties you see, and which you don’t.Learn more about how all the filters work in more detail in our Knowledge Base article.Use casesHere’s some quick ways to get some interesting insights by using filters: Use the Registration date filter to find all users that signed up in the last 7 days to see who signed up recently, and to see how many people signed up Use the Last activity filter (which includes any activity, so also viewing a page) to see how many users were active in the last 30 days Use the Badge filter to see which users, and how many, have attained a certain badge Of course, you can also combine filters to really drill down into your user base.Release scheduleWe’re doing a gradual rollout over the next couple of days, starting today. You’ll receive an in-app notification once they’re rolled out to your instance.What’s next?Being able to find interesting segments of users is one thing, but we want to take it further in the next improvements, which we’ll launch over the next few months: Filter on custom user profile fields Apart from filtering on all the platform properties, the most valuable information about your users is likely caught in the fields filled in during registration, or in the user’s profile page. That’s why we’ll expand the current filters with your own custom user profile fields. Create and save user segments Being able to filter is one thing, being able to save those filters as a segment is another. This will allow you to quickly open the same filters again, but also to track how many users are in one segment or the other (for instance, see the percentage of New users vs. Champions). Apply bulk actions to users After finding a specific segment of users, you’re likely to want to take an action on them (i.e. assign a role, add to a group, award a badge, etc.). Our new bulk actions will allow you to do just that, and make managing users less time consuming. What are your power filters?Which filters, or combinations of filters, provide most value to you and why? Let us know in the comments to inspire others!

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Roadmap update 24

It is my great pleasure to share our roadmap update with the Community!Previous months have been a time of intensive work on further improvement of the inSided product. We spent a great deal of time with our customers discussing and discovering the most welcomed features. This enabled us to shape further the roadmap and our plans for the coming months.Our vision stays unchanged. We want to become a Customer Hub to scale digital engagement of your customers and help you create customer journeys that are more integrated and effective than ever before. To achieve it, we are prioritising initiatives in the areas of:Allowing to make your community a unified Customer Hub, as the front door for all your customer content and engagement. Optimizing the customer hub user experience, for example with customization and personalization Building tools to stimulate engagement of users of your community Making work with your community easier and more effective by introducing automation features, improving user management and moderation Constant improvement of the core of our platform and our tech stack to enable even better reliability, scalability and faster development of new featuresRead on to check out all features and improvements that are coming up and a recap of the recent releases. Coming up CustomizationNew and improved widgetsBuilding compelling pages in your Community is key to attracting users, from visitors to registered users, and getting them engaged. To help you achieve that, we're offering some new and improved widgets to highlight content, calls to action, or further customize existing widgets. Widget libraryWe'll be offering a new widget library to help you navigate all of the widgets and find the one right for your page and audience. In this library, we'll categorize and visualize the different widgets so you can focus on picking the right one.Show widgets based on user segmentsWe're seeing a growing trend in our customers offering tailored experiences to different personas. To help you achieve this, we'll deliver the ability to show specific widgets only to particular segments of users that you have defined. For instance, users who signed up less than seven days ago will have a 'CSM' job title. User engagementEmail campaignsOur email campaign tool will help you to engage with your community users, onboard newly registered users, and re-engage with those who were not active for a while. For example, send the latest news to your registered user base with a given user role or send an invite to those who were inactive for more than 30 days. These, and more, are the email campaign-related features we are working on for you.  User managementFilter on all of your user's properties in the User overviewAs the number of users in your Community grows, so does the amount of work managing users. We aim to make our customers' lives a lot easier by being able to filter all of the user properties, including custom user profile fields, so that you can get a better understanding of your user base right from the User overview.Apply bulk actions to usersThe feature enables community managers to quickly identify users matching specific criteria. The next step is to ensure that you can take those users and perform bulk actions on them, such as assigning them a role, adding them to a group, awarding a badge, or exporting them to a CSV file.Create and save user segmentsOur new segmentation feature will help you save a set of filters as a segment, so you can always keep track of the number of users within specific segments and view who's within that segment at the click of a button. Answering questions like 'Show me all my newbies' or 'Show me all users that haven't been active for more than 30 days’ will easier than ever. Moderation improvementsChange author of published articles and product updatesInevitably, community team members, at some point, will move on to explore other opportunities or roles. By changing the author of a helpful article, for example, you will be able to prolong the life of that content piece and be notified about new activity on that thread.Furthermore, we know how much hard work goes into building good SEO scores for your communities. Deleting valuable content to repost would hurt the SEO, not to mention the users who subscribed to or had bookmarked a particular post.  Ideation improvementsSee who voted for an idea in ControlWhile reviewing and moderating ideas submitted in their Community, product managers may want to understand the different organizations interested in that particular idea. A quick way to do this would be to display the list of voters and their email addresses so that, at a glance, product managers could decide if they want to keep the idea open, ask for more context or park it for the time being. Subscribe to an idea when votingTo ensure that your community members are kept informed about any changes to an idea they voted for, they will become subscribed to the topic's notifications as soon as they vote. Users will be able to unsubscribe via the designated button on the topic page. Auto vote when submitting an ideaWe heard your feedback, and we will be implementing the logic to count the vote of an idea submitter. This way, we ensure not to miss counting their organization into that idea's stats.  Other improvementsImprovements to our product's coreAs with any technology product, our platform evolved over the years to cover the emerging needs of companies to communicate better and help their customers. As a result, the core of our product has grown into different content types serving other modules, which inevitably, in some ways, create inconsistent experience and behavior. Although this requires effort spanning multiple quarters, we are executing with a high priority on our vision to achieve an excellent core domain.  Released since the previous roadmap update  What do you think? Which improvement resonates most with you, and why? Let us know in the comments!

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The old moderation overview will soon be retired

We continuously strive to improve and modernise our product. One of the first upgrading projects resulted in having a new moderation overview which has been made the default page for Control users over a year ago. A quick throwback to the reasons for this upgrade Increase reliability & stability of the overview Offer the option to save, edit, and share custom views.  Improve page load times and a quick refresh button to reload the topic stream without reloading the whole page. Improve filtering UX and an improved title/content keyword search New filters, including: relative time filters for last active/publish date, filter by ideation status, and a multi-select filter for moderator tags.  Last quarter we made significant progress on filling functionality gaps between the two moderation overviews by bringing a set of requested filters, sorting options and some UI improvements. Curious about specifics? Check them out in the product update we released: The time has come to sunset the old moderation overview Since that last update, significant improvements have been made also to the underlying technology powering the overview and the different content types. These, together with the moderation functionalities introduced earlier this year, brought us the confidence that the new overview is serving well its users on its own, fact visible in the usage metrics we’re tracking for both page. The old moderation overview is now being used by less than 5% of our customers and the main reasons for using it is familiarity and the power of habit. Having this said, I must also mention that there are a few moderation tools that are waiting their turn to be implemented in the new moderation page. These will be made available as soon as they are unblocked by some technical improvements which are now in progress. Just a few notable mentions:Unread by team functionality to be extended for Ideas and Product Updates A dedicated column for Views and a corresponding filter Filters on Sticky topics and Closed topics Bulk actions to mark as read, assign product areas and convert topics Some UI improvements like ‘unread’ topics to be in bold and signal closed topics with an icon on the content tableDecommissioning a feature can create unrest or confusion amongst users, even more so when such a big part of the product will become unavailable. To avoid any such consequences or disruptions into your moderation workflows, we are starting a 60 days clock from the publishing date of this announcement. The old moderation overview will be retired on (tbd - proposal for July 29th)We would like to kindly ask you to inform your wider community team about this change and to move the moderation workflows in to the overview, if you haven’t done so by now.For any questions or concerns related to this announcement, please share them in the comments or reach out directly. Thank you once again for the continuous support and collaboration you’re offering us in improving and expanding our product! ? 

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📢 Gainsight's PX May 2022 Release is Live!

The PX May release is now live in US and EU orgs!  We have delivered new features and enhancements to help you get started faster and simplify your PX user experience. Check out our release notes for more information.Release Highlights: Content Recommendation In KC Bot: Define URL rules and Global context rules to deliver personalized and context-based content recommendations to your end-users.   Trigger Engagements using Survey score: Trigger engagements for a group of users based on their response to Survey Engagements. Multi-Product Widgets in Dashboards: Create Custom Dashboards and add audience widgets related to various products of your subscription. This helps to analyze the performance of different products in the same dashboard. Improved Reports Home: The Reports section in Analytics is now improved for better visibility and accessibility. View two separate list view pages for My Reports and Shared Reports and many more usability enhancements. Create Multi-Product Funnels: Now create Funnels to track the user journeys across multiple products. KPI View in Audience Widgets: Track KPIs effortlessly with the new KPI view in select Audience Widgets.RELEASE NOTES  FYI @dstokowski @minh_phan @mickey @harshibanka @skalle @Chandu @neelam_mukherjee @Sania Ahmed @anirbandutta Follow this post and/or subscribe to this category to automatically receive updates when new content/document/communication is posted.

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inSpired ideation review Q1 2022

The time has come for our quarterly ideation review :)We wanted to share our quarterly review to run through the great ideas on inSpired which we investigated, worked on, and delivered in the last quarter  .The review aims to highlight what’s changed on the inSided platform in the last quarter based on the ideas that you have submitted, voted for, and to which you contributed replies.Side note: We will slightly change the dates of our quarters so they are aligned with Gainsight definition of quarters. So from now on:Q1 = February, March, April Q2 = May, June, July, Q3 = August, September, October Q4 = November, December, JanuarySo exceptionally this Q1 2022 ideation review will cover: January, February, March and April Quick stats for inSpired ideas in Q1 2022   11 ideas delivered   134 new ideas created   65 votes delivered 986 votes added  So once again, a big thank you to everyone on inSpired who has shared ideas and voted on other customer ideas - the product team massively appreciates the insights and feedback you’ve given us over the last quarter  Ideas we delivered The following 11 ideas you submitted on inSpired have been delivered or partially delivered, with a total of 65 votes delivered in Q1 2022.  Ideas we closed (parked) This quarter we also focused on parking some ideas that are getting old and didn't get a lot of votes or activity. The status "Closed (parked)" means we reviewed the idea and we know we won’t build it any time soon. This could be because of the complexity of the idea, the value it might return, the fact that the idea is not aligned with our product strategy, or because it didn't get a lot of votes. Please reach out if you have any questions

Widget spacing update

This product update is to announce that we are planning to release a some small update to our existing widgets to have consistent spacing across all widgets. The changes are not live since Wednesday 20th April What will change?We noticed that we have some inconsistencies in some of our widgets. Some have spacing on the upper section of the widget. Some other widgets have spacing on the bottom part of the widget. The result is that customisable pages can have inconsistencies in spacing. Sometimes there might be too much or too little spacing between widgets.We are therefore updating all widgets to have the spacing always on top of the widget.  Here is a how the spacing will look like one the changes are live:  On desktop & tablet: The spacing will be 32px between full-width widgets The red doted line indicates the delimitation of the widget The spacing will be 24px between sidebar widgets Mobile: The spacing will be 24px between all widgets The red doted line indicates the delimitation of the widget  What does this mean for you?We know some of you use Custom CSS to fix some of the inconsistencies in spacing.If this is your case we encourage you to check your customisable pages on the date the changes will be pushed. You can then remove any code related to spacing to make sure the spacing is consistent.  If you any help or notice anything unexpected after the changes please contact

Product Feedback Dashboard goes live

🚀 The Product Feedback Dashboard goes live! 🚀Ideas from your community strengthen your product and are precious data points for product teams.The Product Ideation Dashboard will now be available for all communities, extending it from the previous beta testing communities. Why are you doing this?Your community should be one of the most important sources of ideas and improvements suggestions from the users of your product. This dashboard allows the community manager or a product manager to track the community's creation and status of ideas.  But wait, where can I find all this?The Product Feedback Dashboard is now available in analytics. Can I see a list of all the ideas of my community?The ideation trends table allows a quicker understanding of the evolution of the status of an idea in a period. It also provides the full list of all ideas from your community.Filtering for users of a specific customer (company) allows identifying better the ideas that matter to those users and enable faster loops with product teams. Can I drill down what ideas are most important for a specific customer of my product?Yes, if you have the SFDC integration enabled, a company drop-down menu appears next to the date range. You can select one customer (company) of your product and have all the widgets reflect the ideas created and voted by the community users of that specific company. If you do not have the SFDC integration, you will see all ideas submitted in the community. Why do I only see a small set of customers in the company filter drop-down?The drop-down is limited to a maximum of the top 25 customers that created or voted for ideas.You can still use the search option to filter for any of your customers. Wait, but how can I see who created or voted for a specific idea?Every idea in the ideation table links to the topic there, and you can see the details for a specific idea.  It is unclear the ideas created vs. ideas voted by users from a customer. Are there improvements planned for this?Yes, we aim to add more information to the ideation trends table. Namely:Differentiation between ideas created and voted by users of a company (when the company is selected) Idea creation date Count of votes and replies for an idea from the users of a company The company filter is excellent, but I need more filtering options. Which others are you considering?We want to leverage the data that we have on the users of the community as much as possible. We are considering filtering for roles and badges, but we would love to hear from you. If you have suggestions, please add them to this ideation topic. We'd love to hear your feedback or any questions about this release.

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Product feedback dashboard improvement

The product ideation dashboard just got better.Ideas from your community strengthen your product and are precious data points for product teams.We added two new features to the product feedback dashboard to ease the tracking of ideas.A new ideation trends table, with a ranked list of ideas on the number of votes gathered A company filterWhy are you doing this?Understanding the status of ideas that the users of your community submitted and filtering them to a specific company enables community or product managers to have a more granular view of their community's ideation. The ideation trends table allows a quicker understanding of the evolution of the status of an idea in a period.Filtering for users of a specific customer (company) allows identifying better the ideas that matter to those users and trigger faster loops with product teams. Where can I find this?The ideation trends table is at the bottom of the Product Ideation dashboard.Ideation trends without a company selected Ideation trends with a company selected The company filter is in the filtering section on top of the dashboard.Company Filter FAQs Why don't I see any company (customer) when I try to use the filter?Filtering for users at a customer (company) level is only possible if you have the SalesForce Integration to link community members to their organization. So if you don't have the SFDC integration enabled, we can't display the list of companies. If you want to allow SFDC integration, don't hesitate to contact us. Why do I only see a small set of customers in the company filter drop-down?The drop-down is limited to a maximum of the top 25 customers that created or voted for ideas.You can still use the search option to filter for any of your customers. Wait, but how can I see who created or voted for a specific idea?Every idea in the ideation table links to the topic there, and you can see the details for a specific idea. In the next iteration, we will add color differentiation for ideas created or voted for by users from the selected company. The company filter is excellent, but I need more filtering options. Which others are you considering?We want to leverage the data that we have on the users of the community as much as possible. We are considering filtering for roles and badges, but we would love to hear from you. If you have suggestions, please add them to this ideation topic.  Does this feature tackle any of the open ideas in the community?This feature tackles some of the pain points highlighted in this idea. Although filtering for email addresses is not yet possible, it quickly highlights the ideas important for users of a specific customer. What is next? Will we see this filter on other dashboards? We consider adding the company filter in other relevant dashboards like content, user, audience, self-service, and engagement. Let us know what you think in the comments. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback or any questions you have about this release.

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Mega Menu UX Experiment

Over the past few months, we heard your feedback about the Mega Menu. You expressed some concerns about the KB and community overview pages not being easier to discover in the Mega Menu.We would like to run an experiment and test a slightly different UX in the Mega Menu to improve the discoverability of theses pages. The idea is to run this test on a few communities and see if the discoverability of the KB and community overview pages increases.  What are the changes we would we like to test:The change itself is actually quite small. They only apply to the "Community" and "Knowledge Base" entries of the Mega Menu. Here is a small video of myself explaining the new UX we would like to test, taking as an example the Knowledge Base overview  To note: This will not change the navigation on mobile in any way :)You can also check out this new UX in our own community InSpired.  What metrics will we be looking at:We will be looking at the overall number of view of the KB overview and Community overview pages. We will also monitor the clicks in the Mega Menu and compare the number of flows where the users accessed these overview pages through the Mega Menu. Overall we will check to see if we see an increase in those metrics.  How long will be the test:We will run the test for 2 weeks starting on Monday the 7th March 2022.To take part in the test, we kindly ask two requirements:You are using the KB overview and/or the Community overview page. You can take part if the test if you are only using one of these pages.For example: You use the KB overview but not the Community overview page. The KB overview will be accessible like described in the above video On hover on the "Community" entry of the Mega Menu, the community dropdown will appear. Upon clicking on the "Community" entry of the Mega Menu the users will not redirect to any page, as you are not using the Community overview page. We simply ask that you don't do any major changes to your homepage during those the two weeks of the test. You can of course update features topics but for instance adding or removing a link to the KB overview on your homepage could bias the results. Please comment below if you would like to take part in this test. Thanks a lot for your help on this :) 

Email Templates Improvements

📮 Email Templates ImprovementsSystem emails set up received some needed TLC in the UI, simplifying the test emails, warning to ensure you save your changes, and simplifying adding variables to your emails.  UI revampWe polished our UI with new input and infoboxes. Insert variable drop-downsEach email template has now different email variables for title and content sections.Inserting email variables from contextual drop-down list Test emailsThe “Send Test Email” button is a real timesaver while updating or fixing email templates. Now users don’t have to trigger any system email to see their changes on an actual email client. Instead, they can see their email on an existing email client by clicking this button. And also, It is possible to send test emails without saving, so users can test their changes without breaking any email template. For test emails, the variable name and not the variable value is displayed.When a user clicks this button an email is sent to their registered email address in the community.Test emails to logged-in email address  Warning for leaving before saveA warning message pops out to remind users to save their changes if there are any.Warning for unsaved changes  For all pain points tackled by this update please check, that triggered this upgradeThis product update completes the circle with this idea posted in the inSpired community. For all information on email template variables please check:  As always, we'd love to hear your feedback or any questions you have about this release.